Ginger Wildheart – Headzapoppin – Black Vinyl


Black vinyl version of Headzapoppin, Ginger Wildheart’s brand new summer album!

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Round Records is proud to present Headzapoppin, Ginger Wildheart’s brand new summer-sounding album!

Ginger explains:

Writing music is a form of therapy for me. It keeps my mind occupied and ensures that I live in the moment.

This album is a collection of songs written while walking Maggie (my dog) on early mornings with very few people around and tons of ideas not suited to either The Wildhearts or my more rootsy solo albums.

I figured if this album merely pays for itself, through a modest amount being actually available, then my work was worth it, and I subsequently will try to release one of these mixed packages every year. As of now, before anyone has heard this grab-bag of brain zaps, I have no idea if people are going to love this collection of musical mutts or hate it.

My work here is done for now. Next stop, your ears.

Wish me luck.


This is the black vinyl version of the album – see our other listings for a limited edition coloured vinyl!
Physical vinyl orders are due to be shipped early to mid autumn.
Includes an immediate download of the album upon order completion.

Track listing:
01 – Meet My Killer
02 – Catch That Stranger
03 – Saturday Matinee
04 – Yorvik (My Hood)
05 – Love Is
06 – As Theodos Spoke
07 – Boxes
08 – The Answer Is Yes
09 – Pound Coins & Kitchen Roll
10 – Zap

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