Welcome to the Round Records store!

So, here is pre-order for the new Wildhearts Live album as recorded by Mr Dave Draper for Round Records!
This one is a little different to anything we have done before, in that we are working to a specific release date, so the full album will not be available until this date. The release date is September 25th 2020.
However, as we always like to give you something at the time of your pre-order with us, our way of saying thank you for the support, you will be getting instant access to 4 exclusive Live tracks that WILL NOT be on the album. These will be exclusive to anyone who orders with us and will not be available anywhere else.
In addition we will be sending special gifts to anyone who pre-orders – I’m not going to tell you what these will be, but you will find out within 4-6 weeks when these land with you all.
We will be getting all orders sent out the week of release (and not be me this time!) so they will all land with you by release date – postal service, as always, permitting. On the day of release every pre-order with ourselves will receive a digital copy also.
Thank you for your continued love and support for Round Records, it’s thanks to you guys that we can continue doing this and bringing you more exciting stuff!
J x

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