DŸNÄMIZER – Digital Download


Digital download version of the live album compilation DŸNÄMIZER, featuring a selection of live recordings of Wildhearts and Ginger solo songs, from 4 separate live shows!

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We are really excited to bring the next Round Records release to you all – in the form of a live album compilation – DŸNÄMIZER!

We have happened upon recordings from over the years, of both Ginger solo, and The Wildhearts. These have been spruced up by our resident Wizard, Mr Dave Draper, who has worked his magic and also salvaged a few songs from the 2016 Hallowe’en Hootenanny.

This is the digital download version of the album.

You will receive this digital download immediately after your order is confirmed.
You will be able to download the album in 320 kbp/s MP3 format, and lossless FLAC and WAV formats.

Tracklisting and live show recording details:
Dudley JB’s, October 3rd, 2003:
01 – Nexus Icon (Live)
02 – Get Your Groove On (Live)
03 – Let’s Go (Live)
04 – In Like Flynn (Live)
05 – Shut Your Fucking Mouth and Use Your Fucking Brain (Live)
06 – O.C.D. (Live)
07 – Action Panzer (Live)

Los Angeles Henry Fonda Theatre, April 7th, 2004:
08 – Girlfriend Clothes (Live)
09 – Beautiful Thing You (Live)
10 – Cheers (Live)
11 – Dangerlust (Live)
12 – Hate the World Day (Live)

London The Marquee, December 17th, 2004:
13 – Cars and Vaginas (Live)
14 – Bang! (Live)
15 – Beautiful Me, Beautiful You (Live)
16 – It’s All Up To Me (Live)
17 – Better Than Cable (Live)
18 – Nurse Maximum (Live)

Wolverhampton Slade Rooms, October 29th, 2016:
19 – Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow (Live)
20 – Under The Waves (Live)
21 – Why You Lie (Live)