Ginger Wildheart – Headzapoppin Bonus Tracks – Digital Download


Digital download version of Headzapoppin Bonus Tracks.


Following up on Ginger’s latest solo album, Headzapoppin, are these two bonus tracks, recorded and produced by our very own Dave Draper!

Ginger says of the tracks:

Good Times Are In The Mail
If you plan and practice a strict regime of self improvement then good things are headed your way. Like any lifestyle change, it is a process which doesn’t immediately pay out jackpot. Exercise, healthy diet, a positive attitude and personal emotional/mental growth must become a regular part of your life, like pooping and sleeping. So much so that you forget the reasons for starting in the first place. And long after you have forgot, that’s when the good stuff arrives.

Lil’ Old Wine Drinker Me
Since hearing Dean Martin singing this I have played my version in my head. Once I heard Hollywood Brats cover it, it started playing on my internal juke box more and more, until it got really annoying and I had to record it. Sometimes the only way to get rid of music from your head is to exorcise it, and the best way to exorcise tunes from my head is to put them in yours. You’re welcome.

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Track listing:
01 – Good Times Are In The Mail
02 – Lil’ Old Wine Drinker, Me

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